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           -SAVE ME

  • If You Love Me 1998
    (All Songs Produced by Tony Green
    for Monogram Entertainment Network Corp.
    P / © 1998 Monogram Entertainment Network Corp.)
    MON-1001 1998 Monogram Entertainment Network Corp.
    Licensed & Distributed in Canada by KOCH International Inc.
    1. I'll Be Loving You 4:35   (songwriter(s): Charlie D.)
    2. Girlfriend 3:46   (S. Pomerantz / D. Shawne)
    3. Save Me 4:05   (Tony Green)
    4. If You Love Me 3:59   (F. Joli / T. Green)
    5. When I Fall In Love 4:15   (Tony Green
    6. Forgive Me 3:46   (Tony Green)
    7. I Believe 3:46   (Tony Green)
    8. Promised Land 4:59   (C. Simone / T. Green)
    9. Breakaway 6:14   (C. Simone / T. Green)
    10. Touch 4:01   (Tony Green)
    11. Brother 3:52   (F. Joli / D. Vaillancourt)

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    "The creation of this album would not have been possible without the contribution of many gifted, dedicated individuals."

    Heartfelt thanks to:

    Tony Green: For having faith in my talent, and for giving me the chance to express it through such beautiful songs.

    Carlo Simone: For your constant encouragement and infinite patience. Working with you in the studio truly was a wonderful experience.

    Chris Joli: To have been there when I needed you most. Thanks for your special touch especially on "Brother", I love you so much.

    Daniel Vaillancourt: First and foremost for your enduring friendship, and for succeeding in putting my deepest emotions into words on "Brother", I'm your friend "Pourever."

    My mother: Michelle Joli for your unending belief in me.

    My family: Danielle, Norman, Carole, Christian, and dad for lovingly accepting to let me shine, and for being there through it all from the beginning.

    Dean Cooper: For believing in me, for being my greatest source of inspiration, and for being behind me every step of the way. I love you.

    Darrin Porter: For being so generous and helpful.

    I am forever grateful to the following people, who encouraged me to persevere through difficult times: Al Bandiero, Betty Kalapire, Christine Lannaman, Jean-Christopher Cormao, Barbra Lewis, Dee Davidson, and my good friends Louise, Sara, Paul, Martin, Michael and John.

    Countless other individuals have provided me with their unconditional love and support through the years. While it would be impossible to thank each and everyone of you by name, I trust you know who you are.

    To all the Dj's and radio stations, thank you for continuing to bring my voice to the public.

    To all my fans, your loyalty means the world to me.

    This album is lovingly dedicated to the memory of my late brother, Michel (1956-1968), who's guiding light has never ceased to illuminate my path. Merci. Je t'aime.


    Lead and Background Vocals for all songs by France Joli except for songs: "Girlfriend" background vocals by Honeyprep; "I'll Be Loving You" background vocals by The Charlie D. Singers and France Joli.

    All songs arranged, performed & programmed by Tony Green with additional programming by Carlo Simeone, except for songs: "Brother" arranged by France Joli & Chris Joli; guitars & bass by Chris Joli. "Girlfriend" arranged, performed & programmed by Douglas Shawe. "Forgive Me" guitar by Chris Joli; guitar arrangements by Carlo Simeone & Chris Joli. "If You Love Me" additional arrangements by France Joli; drum arrangements by Carlo Simeone & France Joli; guitars & bass by Chris Joli. "I'll Be Loving You" arranged, performed & programmed by Charlie D, Tony Green and Carlo Simeone; guitar by Charlie D. "Breakaway" and "Promised Land" arranged, performed & programmed by Carlo Simeone with additional arrangements by Tony Green; rap by E-Man"C". "Save Me" guitar by Nick Martino; strings & horns by The Cherrier Street Ensemble.

    All songs recorded & mixed at Unison Studios, Montreal, engineered (Recorded & Mixed) by Carol Simeone except for songs: "Girlfriend" which was recorded at Yankee Lion, Nashville, engineered by Douglas Shawe at Unison Studios, Montreal, engineered by Carlo Simeone; "I'll Be Loving You" recorded at A.R.P. Track Productions, Stoney Creek, Ontario and at Unison Studios, Montreal, engineered by Carlo Simeone.

    Art Direction and Design by Jean-Paul Enrique. Photography by Mark Demouy

    All songs published by Monogram Sound (SOCAN) Admin. by Spirit One Music (BMI) except for songs: "Brother" published by France Joli Music (SOCAN); "Girlfriend" published by Meunch Cuts Music (BMI) / Pomer Rants Music (BMI) / Monogram Sound (SOCAN) Admin. by Spirit One Music (BMI); "If You Love Me" published by France Joli Music (SOCAN) / Monogram Sound (SOCAN) Admin. by Spirit One Music (BMI).

    *Promotional and Commercial singles also released:

    Breakaway (Pt 1 & 2)

    Save Me